love: babies.

Alright, I'll admit it.

I want a baby.

There, I said it. But I'm not the only one... TJ wants one too.
Only problem is, now is not the right time.
(Soon, hopefully.)

Until then, I'll dream. Look at our baby pictures and tell me that we will not have cute babies.
I dare you.

And toddler Kylie & TJ:

Just for kicks and giggles, look at us with kids:



  1. Take some time. Enjoy just you and TJ. Don't be in a hurry. This is the only time it will just be the two of you. Once you have a kid you can never go back. Have fun. Stay up late, go on midnight slurpee runs (that was tyler and my favorite) sleep in, decide to go to a movie on a moments notice. Having these fun memories will help you get through late nights with a baby and you'll say to each other "at least we had tons of fun, now starts the next chapter of all new kinds of fun (and stress). :-)

  2. Oh, don't worry, we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and our no-children state. We're also trying to travel together before babies come. But sometimes you just get that hunger :)

  3. Babies rock. I could have 10 more. The time will come, be patient :)

  4. I saw this post =) I know it will all happen "in due time." I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  5. I may have had that exact sweatshirt in the puppy picture, and I always wished I had jellies, but pink ones:) Hang in, there, you're close!

  6. Haha I want babies too!

    Nick does not want one as badly as I do... but I can't help but think about what our babies are going to look like too :)

    Hopefully soon! Maybe we'll have babies around the same time! :)

  7. Ashley- that would be fun for our babies to have cousins the same age!

    Carissa- that's funny! And I had pink ones when I was older, I actually remember them (not just from a picture)!


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