of late.

It's high time I do a journaling post of the activities we've been doing.

*Warning: If you don't like blood, you may not like some of the following images.*

The night before New Year's Eve, we decided to go out. Beat the crowds. There were no crowds, there was just major snow. We wound up at El Capitan. Not too shabby.

Then on January 2, we made our second ER visit in two months. See, I was crafting and had the glass of a frame sitting on top of something, which was on top of TJ's laptop. He didn't see the glass and went to grab his laptop.....and sliced his thumb open. Luckily he didn't cut any tendons or anything, but it was gushing blood and looked pretty deep, so off we went. Per my advice (insisting), he arrived with it bandaged in a feminine pad (sanitary + built to absorb). He actually soaked through two. See? Girls' Camp first aid in action!

Here's the lovely wound:

Doc gave him 3 stitches.

Keeping it bandaged and clean afterwards was tons of fun!

He was so brave and hardly complained, even though he was in a lot of pain. I was crying a lot (of course) and felt terrible (I blamed myself). Nothing from this guy, even though they made him wait for three hours without offering anything for the pain.

The weekend after that, my brother Sheldon came up for a visit. We took him up to Snowbowl to see all of the snow. (And yes, TJ is wearing my sunglasses.)

We'd already been planning a temple trip, so TJ and I went to the Snowflake Temple on Saturday. It was wonderful, as always. This was my first time going there for anything besides baptisms for the dead.

TJ finally got his violin tuned, and played for me for the first time ever. He played in jr. high and quit sometime in high school to pursue football. He hasn't played in about 5 years, but sounded beautiful to me.

Later on in January, TJ and I had the opportunity to speak in the Grand Canyon Branch of our church. They ask people from other areas to speak once a month because they're so small. Well, we got into the park for free because we were going to church, and so we decide we may as well go see that big hole in the ground. It's always breathtaking:


And that's our January, a month later.

love: babies.

Alright, I'll admit it.

I want a baby.

There, I said it. But I'm not the only one... TJ wants one too.
Only problem is, now is not the right time.
(Soon, hopefully.)

Until then, I'll dream. Look at our baby pictures and tell me that we will not have cute babies.
I dare you.

And toddler Kylie & TJ:

Just for kicks and giggles, look at us with kids:



Today I am:

happy..... that TJ and I got to sleep in together for a little bit because he didn't have school.
bored........ because I'm at work and I'm all alone and there's not much to do.
sad............. that because TJ doesn't have school, we don't get to eat dinner together.
excited...... for new things to come and fun plans coming up (like spring cleaning [I'm serious]).
wishing..... I could be at home, curled up with some herbal tea and a good book.

What are your feelings today?

love: blogging.

Apparently, I really like to blog.
I mean, it's kind of obvious.
Blogging is a creative outlet for me,
a journal,
a way to share my story.

Well folks, I now have another blog.
It's a requirement for my educational technology class.
So if you're a teacher,
or just really bored,
here she is:

Kylie {Reflects}.

love: TJ

Today marks 9 months of marriage.

Marriage is kinda like this:

Just kidding.

It's mostly like this:

I love you TJ.
"You're my best friend."

love: valentines day.

This is something of a new-found love for me. I used to be of the same opinion of many singles:
"You shouldn't need a special day to tell someone that you love them."
But I've been thinking, and as I stated at the beginning of the month, my opinion has changed.
Maybe it is partially due to the fact that I've found my sweetheart,
but that's beside the point.

See, Valentines Day is like Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or the Fourth of July.
We shouldn't need one day dedicated to being thankful, or joyous, or patriotic.
But we do. We have holidays to remind us of those things. To remind us to do them year-round.

So, I propose that we stop thinking of Valentines Day as a purely commercial holiday,
and excuse for people to spend tons of money on their significant other,
or the one day a year that people express love.
Because it's not.

Love is not just romantic.
It's the love you have for your best friend,
your mom and dad,
your brother or sister,
your family,
yourself (because that is so important)
and yes, your sweetheart.

Love is that feeling you get when you sacrifice for someone,
when you serve others,
and when someone does the same for you.

Let's look past the commercialism, and let the people we love know that we love them.
*Post edit: unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well when I got home from work today. I will try to post a giveaway later this week.*

love: giveaways.

I know, I know....but someday it will be my lucky day to win.
Hoping to win this one, over at The Yellow House.

(PS, she posts free printables every Friday!)

love: mom.

She always seems to know when something is wrong....sometimes before I do.
I know I probably don't call as often as I should.
But I love her so much, and look up to her more than she knows.

love: a note to the Mr.

Will you forgive me that I didn't clean or do anything last night?
(At least I made cookies, right?)

Will you forgive me that I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer?
(Dinner may be a little bland tonight.)

Will you forgive me that I don't really care who wins what sports games?
(I do, but only because it makes you happy.)

Will you forgive me that I'm usually not on top of things, like laundry?
(At least you occasionally only go a day without clean underwear...)

Will you forgive me for beating you at bowling the other night?
(I swear it was a fluke.)

Will you forgive me for complaining about our apartment?
(I really do like it, because it's our home.)

*** * ***

I know you'll forgive me. Just like I forgive you; because I love you.
And that's what love is all about.

love always,

love: sunbeams.

I don't have a picture of them,
but I teach three of the cutest kids in Flagstaff.
They are my Sunday School class (all in a 3-4 year-old age group; called Sunbeams)
and I love them.

The Sunbeams are so full of energy
and sometimes they have trouble sitting still
or following along....
....but most of the time, I'm in awe of the beautiful spirits I'm blessed
to spend a couple hours with each week.

Today I told a story about Jesus Christ blessing the little children.
[We were talking about how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us.]
When I finished the story, one of the little girls looked at me,
her blue eyes slightly widened,
and a smile on her face,
and asked, "Will you tell that story again?"

I was taken aback for half-a-second,
and I said, "Actually I'm going to tell you another story just like it."
I then proceeded to tell the story about Jesus Christ blessing the Nephite children,
after his Resurrection.
This story gives me the chills, to think of Christ blessing each of the little children,
and then angels coming from heaven, to minister and bless them as well.
It is such a sacred story.

As I looked into their bright faces, I could imagine Christ looking into those faces,
and calling each of them by name, to gather near him...
To let them touch His hands and face and hair,
To let them pat His cheeks as He holds them on His knee,
To take those precious ones and bless them.
Oh, I know that they would love Him, that they do love Him.
They know Him, just as He knows them.
These little children are not far from His presence,
And they know His Spirit.

I know that while they may wiggle and squirm,
my Sunbeams know that Jesus loves them. And they love to hear stories of Him.

"And he spake unto the multitude, and said unto them: Behold your little ones." [3 Ne. 17:23]

love: the in-laws.

I have been so blessed to have such amazing in-laws.
TJ's parents have taught me so much....they are such examples of faith and strength.
I love that I can talk to them so easily.
That I can go into their home, and talk to Mom on their bed,
just like I do with my own mom.
I like that I call them Mom and Dad....and that they call me daughter.

I love you both and am so grateful to have you in my life.
(And for the way you raised your son. He treats me like his queen, and I know that's thanks to you.) I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have you both so near.

love: food.

For some reason, watching the food network makes me hungry.
(Go figure.)

So, I thought about my last meal.

I think it would include:
Guac & Chips (Chipotle)
Sweet Pork Burrito, smothered (Costa Vida)
Orange Chicken (Panda Express)
French Fries & Fry Sauce (Nielsen's)

And for dessert:
Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt (almost anywhere)
Hershey's Bliss

At least that's what my culinary experiences have led me to crave thus far in my life.
I must have a thing for things I can't have very often.

*** * ***

Dear Flagstaff,
Thanks for the Chipotle.
I heard a rumor about a Panda Express...
Now, what can you do about Costa Vida?
Then you'd be almost perfect.

month of love.

In honor of February,
I will be posting about what I love.
I've never been very into Valentine's Day
(because I think people shouldn't need a day to give each other gifts and spend lots of money)
but my opinion is changing.

For me, Valentine's Day is about love.
Not just the romantic kind.
(Although I do hope to do something romantic with my sweetheart.)
So enjoy the month o' love.