Wreath Tutorial.

Today I have a sad tale to tell.
On the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday,
I bought a wreath hanger.
(It wasn't particularly cute, and I may not use it, but that isn't the point.)
This wreath hanger went on my front door as soon as we arrived home,
awaiting a Christmas wreath to hold.
And it sat, waiting.
And waiting.
And waiting.
Christmas came and went, and no wreath adorned our door.

Today, our door went naked no more.

I decided to make a wreath that is pretty versatile. I call it my "winter" wreath.
I've seen a lot of wreaths that are a simple form, wrapped tightly with yarn,
and then embellished.

I haven't seen any tutorials, but it seemed easy enough.
So I gave it a shot, and documented the process for your learning pleasure.
And now, I present the first craft tutorial to ever grace "Love Always".

Wrapped Yarn Wreath

You will need:
a "tubular" wreath form
yarn in color(s) of your choice
ribbon, buttons, felt
hot glue gun
needle & thread

1. I started out by rolling some of my yarn into a ball. I found it's easier to wrap around the form that way.

2. Tie the yarn tightly around the wreath form as your starting point. Begin by tightly wrapping the yarn around the wreath form. It's ok to not wrap the yarn super close together; you can push it together later (this makes it go faster).

Be sure not to leave any gaps where the form shows through. As I went, I wrapped my hand around the yarn and twisted in the direction of the wrap to tighten and smooth it.

2. Keep wrapping and tightening...
...until your form is completely wrapped. Go back and tighten and smooth where needed.

3. Overlap a little when you meet up with your starting point. Then tie it off by bringing the yarn around itself (if that makes any sense....) and use hot glue to glue the end down. Be sure it glues in the "back" of your wreath, or where it will be covered by embellishments.

** I decided to use a cream-colored satin ribbon to make flowers to embellish my wreath. I think this would also look really cute with felt flowers, to keep with the cozy feel....maybe for my next project :) I probably used about 12" of ribbon for the largest bloom, and less for the other two. Here is the basic way I make these flowers. (I use this same method in so many different ways to make all kinds of flowers).

4. Start out by threading a needle and knotting the ends. Sew along the cut edge of the ribbon, and then turn at the corner and begin stitching along that edge.

5. Gather the ribbon as you go. The larger your stitches, the bigger the gathers.

6. Continue this process. The ribbon will start to naturally curl on itself. This will form the end result of a sort of spiraled rosette.

7. Finish off the flower by stitching up the other cut edge. Arrange the ribbon into a spiral....until it looks good. (You can't hate me for saying that. Just look at the pictures.) Stitch from back to front to secure the rosette and tie it off in the back.

8. Glue flower embellishments onto the wreath.

9. Add button centers if you like.

10. Hang on your door for all to enjoy!

Give me some feedback on this if you can.... so I know what to do for future tutorials.
Also, let me know if you make one... I'd love to see pictures!


  1. it turned out VERY cute! ;) Hope you are getting TOO snowed in <3

  2. Great craft idea Kylie! How wide is the ribbon you used?

  3. My bad....the ribbon is 1.5" and I got it and the form at the dollar store.

  4. Really cute! :) I think it might be fun to make one in patriotic colors.

  5. Yeah that's a good idea Julie! I saw one that had sections alternating red and white yarn....it was really cute! And if you made blue accents that were detachable, you could use it for Christmas too.

  6. Super cute! I think I'm going to make one :)


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