the family.

I'm grateful for such an amazing family.
Family is the most important part of my life.

They are my life.

There is nothing that I would rather do than raise a righteous family with my husband.
We both have such wonderful families,
who mean the world to us,
and who get along so well with one another.
Seriously, Kyndra introduces Hannah as her sister-in-law.

I wanted to put up a picture with Skylar (who is on an LDS mission in Mexico).
These were taken right before he left.
I'm so grateful for the Ponds and all that they do for us. There's really no need to call them
in-laws... they're just more family.

Don't let the sweet smiles fool you. They're actually crazy..... but I'm grateful for that craziness. It makes me feel at home.

Then there's my family. Where in the world would I be without them? You know they love me if they've stuck it out with me for this long. But seriously, laughing with them is the best. And it happens all. the time. (PS thanks to my friend Amalie for the beautiful family photos.)

Don't worry Ponds....the Hassells are just as crazy. Like my Dad's idea for us to peek out from behind these vines.....with a million gnats flying trying to eat us. Heck, it was cute and we couldn't stop laughing.

So, I guess you could say, I'm grateful for my two incredible families.
I'm grateful for all that they have done and continue to do.
And guess what else? I get to be with them forever!
I am so lucky.


  1. CUTE!!! I love your family photos! And what good is a family tree without any nuts?!? :)

  2. You are in our ward.YAY! and yes the Ponds are a crazy family. lol nathan was in our ctr6 class and he insisted we call him "Nate Dog"....

  3. Hey sorry, Leigh for not responding sooner! Thanks for stopping by! And that sounds like Nathan. I think TJ gave him that nickname :)


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