Image via Google images. This is the temple TJ and I attended while on our honeymoon.

I am grateful for writing. I'm not sure if I'm good at it,
but I find it a way to express myself.

The following is a poem I composed for a class.
I hope you enjoy it.


It seems as though my life has changed,

Just walking through these doors.

A sense of wonder, a feeling of peace,

As I walk these sacred floors.

A place of learning,

A place of light.

I stand all amazed,

Dressed all in white.

I take his hand, and he takes mine,

We walk and whisper quietly,

I cannot describe this feeling:

Joyous, sacred, lovely.

All too soon,

The time has passed,

I, so sad to leave,

Will return, a promise fast.

The feeling lingers,

I must cling on;

For it is strength,

And my own is all but gone.


  1. This is beautiful!! I love it. You are a good writer :) I enjoy following your cute little blog. And seriously, wow.. This poem is so special! Good job.

    PS What temple is that?

  2. Thanks Jacquie! You're sweet :) And it's actually the San Diego temple, just from a different angle than you usually see it.

  3. very good poem! =) I love you!!


Thanks for reading! I love reading your thoughts, too :)