the concert.

On the road...

Finally at the concert!

(Oops, out of order. There they are!!)

(Chris Young. My favorite song: The Man I Wanna Be. TJ's favorite: Gettin' You Home.)

(Rascal Flatts)

First of all, I have to get one thing out of the way:

I freakin' LOVE Rascal Flatts!!
This love has only been made stronger by hearing their amazingness in person.
I know that some people may not like them (like my father-in-law), but I think they are awesome.

This was the first concert we've ever been to, and I'm glad that we got to experience this for the first time together.

It was such a fun concert! We drove down Friday afternoon, and stopped at the Anthem Outlets to look around. We shared a frozen yogurt. Then we hopped back into traffic and found a Chipotle.

The concert was so fun! Rascal Flatts had two openers: Chris Young (amazing) and Kellie Pickler (not my favorite, but she did really really good--especially since she had bronchitis the whole week). Rascal Flatts has been together for 10 years! They sang lots of songs, from each of their albums, and also one of their new ones. I especially loved their classics, like "My Wish" and "Broken Road," but they played a lot of their lively ones too. I don't know why but one of my favorites has always been "These Days." Oh, and "Here Comes Goodbye." And "What Hurts the Most" (though I don't remember if they played this one....). Ok, basically I like almost everything they put out there. Check out their newest single, "Why Wait." Also, their new album comes out Nov. 16th!! I can't wait!

Oh, and in case you were wondering....yes, I did get my t-shirt :)

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