I like dill pickles.


Sometimes, I crave them.
Especially when it's that time of month.
(Yes, I crave chocolate too. But not together.
That would be gross.)
It's just something about their salty, vinegary goodness.

It makes me very very sad when Target is out of pickles. Two visits in a row.
What is wrong with you people??
Maybe I'm not the only woman with this craving.

Heaven help us when I'm pregnant.

**Note: I am NOT pregnant.**


  1. Kylie, i feel your pain. But maybe you should try wal-mart... or some other GROCERY store... Target is sometimes lame for groceries... :D

  2. True, it just so happens that Target is less than a block away from my apartment. And the new WalMart Supercenter has yet to open, but I did get some at Safeway last night :)


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