Dear TJ,

I love that you're always making me laugh :)

I love how you're such a good big brother, to my siblings and yours.

I love that you love Mexican food as much as I do.

I love that you'll let me get Panda, even when you'd rather have a burrito. Oh, and that you keep working and going to school even when it's hard (no, that doesn't have anything to do with the picture....except for the fact that he was tired. And he's always tired these days.).

I think you're hot, even when you're not trying.

I love that you put up with my picture-taking, even when you're done. (Yes, that is Indiana Jones we were waiting in line for.)

Plus also, I think you look dang good in an apron. Maybe you should wear one more often! JUST KIDDING. (He actually told me to put this on my blog when I took it. Just to prove that he cooks sometimes....occasionally.)

So, my love, even though sometimes you get frustrated and sometimes things are really hard, I still love you. Even when you watch football a lot. And talk about football a lot. I still love you, and these are some of my favorite things about you.

love always,

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  1. I'm glad he's taking such good care of you! xoxoxox, MOM


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