thanks to the froyo.

One year ago today, I met Troy James for the first time.

I was nervous, and excited. Did you know the first time we met, I was wearing only mascara? That's a big deal for me, since I think I look about 14 without eyeliner and shadow.

(I wanted to test him. Why would I want to test a guy I'd never met before??)

We'd arranged to meet at TCBY (The Country's Best's website boasts the best of the treat since before the froyo fad). We did indeed meet there. I was unusually outgoing and loud. I was glad I'd finished my cone before he arrived, since my cone had a hole in the bottom and I had to eat it less than gracefully.

He walked through the door, and I watched him (since he didn't know which of the beautiful young ladies was me), noting his forwardness towards those around him, yet still unsure of himself amongst so many new people.

I must've liked what I saw, right? (Kidding, of course I did.)

After the frozen treats were consumed, we headed back to my apartment to play a game. Curses. Anyone who has played "Curses" knows that it is a most humiliating and hilarious game. Pretty much awesome for a first impression. He sat a person away from me in the circle. I tried not to look his way too often, only to be informed later that he watched me the whole night.

Who'd've thought that Waffle Cone Wednesdays and a rousing round of Curses would wind up bringing two people together forever? Gosh, it's really been a whole year.


  1. love, Love, LOVE!!! I'm sooooo giddy to have been able to see everything unfold! And I was laughing SO hard when I remembered your leaking ice cream cone! Aw good times! Sooo happy for you two :) WE were really happy it all turned out :)

  2. that was a great, great night :) and lets be honest, what straight guy COULDNT keep his eyes off of you, my dear? can you blame poor tj?

  3. That is so adorable! I am so happy for you both! Here's to another great year!!!


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