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I'm really excited about this challenge that I'm doing. I think it'll give me a way to stretch myself, test my skills. Just so you readers know, all of the images I post in this series will be mine unless otherwise noted.

I do have a confession. I cheated on yesterday's post. It was Sunday, I was lazy, so I used a picture I had taken a couple of weeks ago. On the road. In the car. Between Flagstaff and Mesa.

In other news, we got a new couch! While I'm grateful for the free one my parents found for us, it was simply too large and too beat-up. Not to mention, it was like sitting on bars if you weren't centered on a cushion. Moment of silence for Blue Couch Covered With Tan Sheets.

We found this comfy little loveseat on Craigslist for $50. It's less than a year old and makes such a difference in our living room. Meet Cute Little Comfy Brown Loveseat:

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