[ 4 simple goals ] +one

The concept: create 4 (plus one) simple, personal goals for myself. The basic rules: choose simple goals that are action-oriented, set a reward for accomplishing the goals, and blog about my progress. This challenge-thingy goes through the end of this year, but for me, they are things I can/should/want to continue throughout my life. I like this idea because it's easier for me to have short-term goals rather than long-term ones. Here goes something.

1. Read scriptures daily. reward: spiritual upliftment, spirit in home, better life, etc.

2. Create weekly. Try a new recipe, paint a picture, take a photograph, or mix-n-match for a cute "new" outfit. reward: develop talents, feel good about self.

3. Clean and organize apartment weekly. Complete clean-up once weekly (no more than one hour), and keep things tidy daily (twenty minutes). reward: sanity.

4. Plan and go on a date a week with my husband. (This requires your participation and help, my Troy James.) Keep them fun, creative, cheap, and meaningful. Document with pictures! reward: grow our love, learn more about each other, improve relationship.

+one. Stay on top of school work (aka bye-bye procrastination). reward: sanity, time, stress reduction, happiness, etc.

Since all of the rewards I listed are intrinsic for the most part, a good ol' bribe for myself is in order. If I feel that I have accomplished these goals to the best of my ability by the end of the semester, then I will treat myself to a new album on iTunes (because music makes me happy). I'll blog about my progress every once in a while, to keep myself accountable. There, I've written them down, now I have to do them.

Idea sources: here and here.


  1. You are amazing Kylie! :) Best of luck on your goals!

  2. You KNOW you CAN DO IT!!! I love you!


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