"My Wish"

My husband is amazing. Really, he is wonderful. And thoughtful. And sweet.
Best of all, he knows me so well.

In case you didn't know, I had a birthday (which is another post).

My husband got me an pretty dang awesome gift. Let's see if you can't guess what it is:



Rascal Flatts w/ Kellie Pickler
Cricket Wireless Pavillion
October 16, 2010

It'll be the first real concert I've ever been to. And it's my favorite band (seriously, I have a Pandora station dedicated to them and their amazingness).

And he said I could get a t-shirt too!

(Ps. For the record, I thought all of those things about him before he bought us Rascal Flatts concert tickets.)


  1. Ohhh my gosh. Such a nice husband!! Lucky girl :) I saw Rascal Flatts on my 18th b-day at that very place and they were SO amazing, i seriously cried tears of joy. Not even kidding. You will LOVE it. :)

  2. It will be an awesome concert, I'm sure =) I'm glad you are feeling better. =) I love you. xoxoxox, MOM


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