a week in paradise.

I hope everyone reading this blog has heard of Picasa.....because, ladies and gentleman, it has made this blog post a million times easier, shorter, and more pleasing to the visual sense. These collages are of one of the most wonderful weeks of my life and the first week of our married life. Our honeymoon in San Diego couldn't have been better!

...Aaaand we're off! On our way to San Diego, together at last!

These are images of our awesome hotel, the La Jolla Mariott. We were so blessed to have family members pay for our room (thank you so much Apryl & Tim and all those that helped out!). The lobby was amazing, but unfortunately I don't have pictures of it. It was nice to have free breakfast at the concierge lounge, and enjoy the indoor pool and spa.

On Monday, also TJ's 22nd birthday, we went to the beach just to see it. It was too overcast and chilly to actually stay there, but as you can see, we had fun :)

Your typical feet/sand pictures....

We then went to Old Town San Diego, where we had a delicious meal at Old Town Mexican Restaurant.

But not before we went to the newly renovated Mormon Batallion Museum. It was so cool!

On day 2, we woke up early and started off to Aneheim: Disneyland and California Adventure! This trip presented a few firsts for me....first time there and first roller coaster (Space Mountain was the first in case you were wondering). It was super fun and the light rain in the morning made for little to no wait time. Disneyland....favorite ride: Space Mountain. Least favorite ride: It's a Small World (yes, he made me do it. I was literally kicking and screaming. Ok, maybe not, but he had to drag me.) California Adventure.....favorite ride: California Screamin'. Least favorite ride: The Maliboomer.

Our last full day, we went to the aquarium in La Jolla and PF Chang's for dinner.

I don't remember what day it was (I think it was the same day as the Birch Aquarium) the clouds finally cleared and we went to the beach. TJ thought he was clever and decided to do an impromptu photo shoot as I exited the freezing tide. No, I was not trying to look like a model. Yes, he was.

....Then dessert at Extrordinary Desserts with Auntie Apryl and Uncle Tim. TJ's chocolate-something cake and my cream cheese brownie were both super good.

Basically we loved our honeymoon....it was absolutely perfect for us. We can hardly wait to go back! I'm thinking Sea World and the Zoo next time....


  1. Looks like you two had lots of fun! Love the pictures :)

  2. such fun pictures! we forgot to take pictures really on our honeymoon.
    how do you get your photos so large? and a photo in the banner? i need to call you and get blog help.

  3. I get them large by uploading them to picasa web albums. Then copy and paste the individual address (right click on the picture in the web album) into the upload pictures box under URL. They upload way faster too. Do the same for the header....just under the edit header tab. I also put the words on the picture in picasa, with a font I'd downloaded. Hope that helps! Feel free to call if you have any other questions.


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