Date Nights!!

These images are not in chronological order, but these are two of our best date nights from the past couple of months. For these first few, we went out to Lake Mary (about 10 minutes outside of Flag....if you've paid attention that's where he proposed) with his parent's propane stove and cooked grilled chicken sandwiches as the sun set. It was so pretty and nice to be with just the two of us. Here's a shot I got of the lake:

Me, cooking chicken breasts and red onion. The onion really made the sandwiches (I love how sweet onions get when grilled).
And TJ's shot of the beautiful sunset and water (I absolutely love it):

He had some fun while my hands were covered in chicken guts. I hate raw meat.
And the master griller. I love me a man cooking!
Back in March we took a little escape down to Sedona at the end of Spring Break. The spring runoff was flowing through Oak Creek Canyon and it was a beautiful day. We felt like we should be on our honeymoon....but we still had to say goodnight at the end of the day. Here's TJ checking out the water on the side of the road:
Like I said, these were out of order. TJ is so thoughtful when he plans these dates. We had lunch at Javelina Cantina. Amazing food, great service, reasonable prices. And Mexican. We were happy campers. Chips and salsa (delicious):
Cute :)
Beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. I love this drive:
I'm so blessed to live in the beautiful place I live and to have the amazing fiance I have. TJ makes me so happy and I love spending time with him. I think we're going to enjoy camping :)

PS....7 days!!!!!

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