not procrastinating, simply break-taking

Is it just me, or does the word salary sound a little too much like the word celery?

In the dictionary of Words According to Kylie....

celery (sell-er-ee): n a vegetable, extremely fibrous and of a light green color, only fit for consumption when slathered in peanutbutter and perhaps dotted with chocolate chips.

Chocolate and peanutbutter make everything better. All in favor?

Also in today's news, Teej and I discovered a new guilty pleasure:

It was on SALE at Target last night and we just had to snag a pint. Go ahead, click the link and drool. Then go buy some. Sorry if I ruined your dieting goals. I really shouldn't shop when I'm pmsing.

And I probably shouldn't blog when I'm crazy.

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  1. Aye!!!! (to the chocolate and peanut butter thing....)


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