just some thoughts.

"The small and simple things you do today will be magnified into great and glorious blessings tomorrow."

What a promise.

Yesterday or the day before, it kinda hit me. I'm getting married in a little over 3 weeks.

As in, I'm going to the Temple in a little over 3 weeks.


I won't lie, I had a minor freak-out. Am I ready? Am I prepared?
This is, after all, a major milestone in my life.

When I pray for peace, I am reminded that I am only expected to do my best.
I just have to try hard to make that a reality every day.

It's doing little things better each day that make the difference.
Don't gossip about others.
Don't be lazy or idle.
Make someone happy.
Read a little more from the scriptures. Search deeper.
Pray with more faith that He hears.
Pray for strength and courage.
Pray for peace within myself.
Pray for those I love, and those I don't even know.

Changing little habits, little things about me. Becoming better. Becoming the best me.
Reaching for my full potential. Reaching inside to bring out who I truly am.

I'm so far from perfect. I may feel unprepared to be a wife. I may not feel ready at times. But you know what? I'm going to be just fine. I have a loving and supportive family (both his and mine). I have a loving and supportive husband-to-be. And most of all, I have a Father in Heaven who loves me more than I can comprehend and who has supported me through everything even when I didn't recognize it.

All that He asks is that I give Him my all.
I may not know everything, but I do know that with faith and love, it will all be OK.

"For whatsoever thing ye shall ask in faith, believing that ye shall receive in the name of Christ, ye shall receive it." (Enos 1:15)

not procrastinating, simply break-taking

Is it just me, or does the word salary sound a little too much like the word celery?

In the dictionary of Words According to Kylie....

celery (sell-er-ee): n a vegetable, extremely fibrous and of a light green color, only fit for consumption when slathered in peanutbutter and perhaps dotted with chocolate chips.

Chocolate and peanutbutter make everything better. All in favor?

Also in today's news, Teej and I discovered a new guilty pleasure:

It was on SALE at Target last night and we just had to snag a pint. Go ahead, click the link and drool. Then go buy some. Sorry if I ruined your dieting goals. I really shouldn't shop when I'm pmsing.

And I probably shouldn't blog when I'm crazy.

On this, the 1st of April...

I've read that some people complain about how people are fake on the internet. I think this has a lot of merit. If I seem super positive, or like my life is perfect.....well it's not. I just don't want to use my blog as another means of complaining. I do, however, hope I come across as real.

If you'll indulge me, I'm going to make an exception to the previous statement and complain.
I like April Fools Day harmless pranks and funny jokes.
However, I do NOT like "April-Fools-gives-me-an-excuse-to-blatantly-lie-Day."

Allow me to illustrate.

Cool: Google home page changing to say "Topeka" instead of "Google."
(I applaud you google.)

Not Cool: All over fakebook, "I'm engaged!!" "I'm in a relationship!!" "I'm pregnant!!" "I'm a doofus!!"

(Oh wait, that's not a lie, you really are being one because you're lying through your teeth.)

Sorry, I just don't find it amusing at all. You make people feel really dumb and stupid. And I don't like making people feel dumb or stupid, so why should you??

End of illustration.


In wedding news, things are coming along! I'm getting super excited and so is TJ. He's been so great putting up with me, my pickiness, and my moments of extreme distress. Most of the time I'm thinking "Yes!! 44 days until I marry my best friend!" and then I think, "Oh crap! Only 44 days to get everything done!?!"

We really are being so blessed. Will you indulge me with another illustration? OK thanks.

Photographer: Brother-in-law of an uncle's brother. Giving us an AMAZING deal on professional photography. We just did our engagements and can't wait to see them!! Thanks Joe!

Cake: My very talented cousin Ashley Daniel just graduated from Scottsdale Culinary. She's giving us our tiered cake as a wedding present and giving us a great deal on the sheet cakes.

Invitations: My dad's good friend Antar (who has done some business things for him) is designing and printing our invites for a very small fraction of what we would be able to get anywhere else.

Catering: Our long-time-close-enough-to-be-family friends will be running the kitchen as well as being in charge of the majority of the food (Wayne & Laura...I love you). Others helping with food: wonderful family and ward members.

Decorating: I have the best friends a girl could ask for. They also happen to have wonderful mothers. Elaine Stradling is helping me plan and acquire decorations. My lovely family and soon-to-be in-laws will be helping turn a church gym into a lovely reception.

DJ: We'll be using the Eyring's equipment and TJ's cousin Rhet will play DJ. We're so grateful. We're also having lots of fun compiling our favorite songs for the reception and dancing.


These are just a few of the major ways in which we are being blessed. Nothing says "this is right" like things working out. We feel so loved and I don't know how we're going to thank all those that are involved. Gotta love Mormon Networking. ;)

With all the details and work going into this I want to emphasize one thing. While all of this is very exciting, it is extra. The most important thing that I'm preparing for, along with TJ, is the sealing. I can't help but feel a sense of peace, joy, and excitement as I think about entering that sacred edifice and being bound to TJ eternally. I'm sure it will be a beautiful and wonderful thing.