*Photo by Natalie Norton

I follow a lot of photography blogs.

I think Google Reader tells me I have around 70.

Anyways, sometimes these photographers post things about their personal lives. Many of them have children and share how those children grow and the things they do.

One photographer in Hawaii, Natalie Norton, recently had a baby boy.
Her baby got sick after just a few weeks of life...and he lost the battle for that life.

However, Natalie's story is inspiring and full of faith and hope. I was touched deeply by this little boy's life (and death) and I never knew him or his family. Please read Natalie's inspiring post on the power of prayer here.


  1. Kylie, thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Wow! That was really powerful! Thanks, Kylie!

  3. If you like to visit photography blogs, my friend April isn't a photographer but she takes amazing pics and her blog is just plain fun to read!
    check her out


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