S N O W D A Y!!

This is what I've seen since waking up this morning at 6, then snuggling back down in the covers until 9 (because I didn't have work this morning.)

....and it keeps coming down.

So this is what NAU says to the snow:

"Northern Arizona University's Flagstaff campus will be closing at noon today because of worsening weather and road conditions. A decision on Tuesday's schedule will be announced by 6 o'clock tonight.

"Students who are unable to take their final exam on the Flagstaff campus today have the option to accept their current grade as their final grade or they may elect to take an Incomplete and the final exam will be scheduled during the first week of spring semester."

I have an A. So I won't be taking my one final today.

I say, "WOOT WOOT! (squeal)"

Thanks for the continued tender mercies.


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