Family Utah Trip

Just a week before Christmas, my family was able to go to Utah for Aunt Tanya's wedding. On the way up, we spent the night in Flagstaff, where we had dinner with TJ's family. To make a long story short, I tackled TJ into the "snow," which turned out to be ice. This is what happens when my face meets the ice (why, yes, I am wearing footie pajamas, thank you for noticing):

Let me tell ya, the scabs were beautiful and it stung like the dickens. This is my face the next day, as we journey to the state full of Mormons (thank goodness for concealer for wedding pictures the next day!):
Once we got there, we enjoyed homemade tomales and lots of screaming kids. It was a blast. The next morning (the day of the wedding) we headed to the nearest church building...down the street...for a big breakfast of sourdough waffles and homemade buttermilk syrup. Except I got one. Oh well. Here's Sheldon, playing with snow:
Oh, didn't I mention? TJ came with us :) He got to meet my dad's side and everything! (No, he's not winking, the sun was reflecting off the snow and blinding him.)
On the way to Salt Lake, from Payson, to the wedding. Of course, we got stuck in traffic behind a wreck and were almost late. What else did you think would happen?
Kyndra looks oh-so-happy that I'm kissing her face. PS, I made that flower. Yes I did. Cute, huh?
Guess who got to be the lucky babysitters while all the adults were in the Temple? (And I'm not even you see her face?? My cousins are adorable.) There were 15 kiddos, ages 8 and younger, with two babies: 4 mos. and 5 mos. This is the super-cute Jolee:
And Elisa, who was so good and just colored the whole time:
TJ had these little ladies happy and content. Jolee has the adorable habit of calling her sister, Taylee, "My wittle one!" and kissing her all over:
But it was Sheldon who got the babe to sleep:
Later on that night, after the dinner. Mom, laughing at and clapping for TJ:
Who was doing jazzercise while airing up a mattress:
(in his ever-fashionable and super-hot basketball shorts and church socks.)

Then, we had to play parents and send Sheldon to his room. Note that I give the intense glare while TJ does the yelling and finger-pointing:
Sunday, after church, waiting to drive to Salt Lake again. TJ calls this my "thinking face," and he noted that apparently all the Hassell women in my immediate family have this face:
Dad holding baby Sam (who loves to spit up by the way):
There it is! The gorgeous Salt Lake City Temple, with the grounds all decked out:
It was suuuuper foggy, so all the pictures look kinda cool :) and it made the lights seem really bright.

Now I know this next one is a kissing picture, but hey, it's my blog and I love it:
That would be a Green Bay Packer's beanie that TJ gave to me to wear:
Another shot of the glorious Temple. I will visit this one someday:
My wonderful family, plus Hunter and Annie (note the super-cool reflection strip on Dad's motorcycle jacket):
Hey, there's us again!
Last, but not least, here's a couple more of the cousins. I told you they were cute. Meet Nathanaell:
Aaaaand Josie!

It really was a great trip. I met a few cousins that I hadn't yet (seeing as they were born since I last saw their families) and an aunt (Betty...I wasn't able to go to the wedding) and Tanya's new husband, my uncle Bryan. Of course, seeing everyone else was wonderful. Most of my cousins that were there are pretty young so it was fun to see how they've grown. I was also glad to have TJ with us. It was really fun and I think my siblings especially enjoyed his company. I love my family and I'm so grateful that I am blessed to be with them forever.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Kylie! And if I can, I must say that you and TJ are really cute together!!!

  2. Kylie, you have such a fun blog, I love visiting it, I feel it helps me stay connected with you and all.
    Love You, Aunt Lawanna

  3. I know TJ really enjoyed that trip! And - I WANT ONE OF THOSE ADORABLE FLOWERS!!!

  4. Apryl: I will make you one sometime :) And I could teach you how, they're super easy...


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