That's how we do.

So I'm pretty sure a total of like...5 people read this thing. BUT issall good. It's fun, right? Right. I hope the 5 of you reading enjoy a peek at my latest and greatest adventures.

Below is an example of a super-sweet boyfriend. I was having not-so-good-slightly-more-stressful-than-average day and he brought me these beauties and brownies. He's a keeper I think. The best part? He brought them to me over a week ago and the majority of them are still lookin' good.

I haven't been to a formal dance since high school. So when our church hosted a winter formal, the roommates and I decided to go. Here we are in all our glory:

Are they not perfect for each other? Aubree and her fiance. Just look at those faces.

(Aubs + Aaron) X (Kylie + TJ) = ...well at least we entertain ourselves even if no one else is amused.
I have a bone to pick. Notice that Aaron is smiling as his woman kisses him. Now look at TJ's face....
Lastly, this is a prime example of who wins when plastic measuring cups get in a fight with the dishwasher. Note to whoever loaded it: don't put plastic on the bottom rack where it could fall through. It smelled somethin' purdy let me tell you.
(*are ya happy Elise?)


  1. Looks like so much fun Kylie!TJ looks like a great guy! When are you done with the semester? We should try to get a group together to do Temple lights or something so we can all catch up with each other! Love reading your blog and getting a glimpse of your life!

  2. We're done on the 11th, but I'm not sure when we'll be coming to the Valley. Maybe right after Christmas would be best?? That's a great idea!


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