RaNdoM Thoughts...

1. Playing is fun. Work is boring. I love my roommates :) Oh how I miss them!

(at Catey's call-0pening)

2. I love Flagstaff! There's so much to do and it really is beautiful. In the past week, I've been to a park with swings, up to Mars Hill (saw an amazing full moon), night-hiking (don't ask me where, it was dark), to the Grand Canyon for sunset and a picnic (about 1.5 hours away), and spot-lighting for elk (and also looking at a million stars in the middle of somewhere.)

3. As of last Monday, I'm with my by myself. For over a month. (Now would be the appropriate time to shed a tear of sympathy in my behalf... OK, I feel better.) I mean, I still have friends here...and I'll hang out with them as much as possible...but I will be all alone in my apartment. This should be interesting.

(the most bored/depressed pic I could find of myself)

4. Semester grades were finally posted. *Drumroll please*
All A's and...
one C.
(Biology, just as I'd predicted. Dang final worth half the grade!)
But it's OK! C is still passing, and the important thing is my GPA is still above 3.5 (for my scholarship). I'm a little disappointed in myself, but it's over and done with and no more lab sciences for me. What a relief! (Just so you know, there was a brief span of time when I was freaking out, but I called my advisor who referred me to someone in Financial Aid who calmed my fears.)
schools out.jpg

5. Congrats to the ever-amazing Cathryn Elizabeth Stroud on her call to serve as a full-time sister missionary in the Utah Salt Lake City mission. I am so proud of you and I love you mucho!!