A new milemarker will be passed on May 7, 2009. Upon this day, I shall take the last final of my freshman year of college.

And then it's done. I will have accomplished something I've known I would do my whole life, but never really visualized.

I can see how I've changed in some ways. I suppose I'll never know how I changed in other ways. I know I've grown, yet somehow I feel smaller. I see the world with greater sight.

I've learned many lessons:
Time is precious.
Family is not only important, it's necessary.
Staying up until 3 in the morning does nothing to help you stay awake in Biology. (But it's fun sometimes.)
Look to the future, plan, but live each day to its fullest; take life one day at a time.
Loading a dishwasher is an art form.
Have fun, make memories, and cherish relationships.
Procrastination is a trap that is ever-set.
Prayer is an essential lifeline. Heavenly Father is always listening.
Domino's is open until 2 am, Safeway and WalMart are open 24/7, and Wendy's drive-through is open past 10:00 pm.
The power of the Priesthood is real.
Bonds stronger than friendship are forged when you live together with 3 of the most amazing girls on the planet.
And food costs money. Who knew?
(to name just a few.)

And now, I look forward to a summer full of possibilities...

...and another 3 years of college.
Stay tuned.


  1. Oh Kylie :) I love you so much! and thanks for everything you do! It's been such a fun school year living with you guys and I look forward to the next fews years of living together. You're amazing! Never forget it!

  2. And i look forward to living with three of those amazing girls next year! :):) oh and thanks for the tip! That's EXACTLY what i hope to do with it someday, so i'll look it up sometime!


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