A new milemarker will be passed on May 7, 2009. Upon this day, I shall take the last final of my freshman year of college.

And then it's done. I will have accomplished something I've known I would do my whole life, but never really visualized.

I can see how I've changed in some ways. I suppose I'll never know how I changed in other ways. I know I've grown, yet somehow I feel smaller. I see the world with greater sight.

I've learned many lessons:
Time is precious.
Family is not only important, it's necessary.
Staying up until 3 in the morning does nothing to help you stay awake in Biology. (But it's fun sometimes.)
Look to the future, plan, but live each day to its fullest; take life one day at a time.
Loading a dishwasher is an art form.
Have fun, make memories, and cherish relationships.
Procrastination is a trap that is ever-set.
Prayer is an essential lifeline. Heavenly Father is always listening.
Domino's is open until 2 am, Safeway and WalMart are open 24/7, and Wendy's drive-through is open past 10:00 pm.
The power of the Priesthood is real.
Bonds stronger than friendship are forged when you live together with 3 of the most amazing girls on the planet.
And food costs money. Who knew?
(to name just a few.)

And now, I look forward to a summer full of possibilities...

...and another 3 years of college.
Stay tuned.

179th Annual

Oh my goodness, General Conference was amazing! 
I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Salt Lake with some friends from Flagstaff: Preston, Darrell, and Edwin Tenney, and Emma Olmstead. We stayed with the Tenney's sister Kiersten, who lives close to downtown SLC. Anyways, she had her Master Recital and the above picture is of an LDS church building across the street. We totally thought it was from another religion at first. Pretty cool, huh?
The above picture was taken from my seat at the Saturday Morning Session. That's right! I got to sit on the Plaza level, section 2, with Preston. We kinda didn't have tickets, so we begged, and we got pretty lucky the first session, and we got into all the sessions we wanted to (Sat AM, PM, and Sun AM.) What an incredible feeling it was as the entire congregation stood when Pres. Monson, Pres. Eyring, and Pres. Uchtdorf entered the room. They truly are men of God.
Leave it to Utah to still have tons of snow in April. It was a bit chilly, especially on Saturday when it was snowing, but the mountains were glorious. I fell in love with them. I decided if my future ever leads me to Utah, I would have no problem with that. (Although I would be sure to clarify that I'm not from Utah.) If any of my wonderful aunts and uncles would like to host me for a week or so sometime during the summer or another break, I'd love that. :)
On Friday, we had the opportunity to do Baptisms for the Dead in the Jordan River temple. I love the Spirit that is felt when I'm in the Lord's holy house. This was one of my most spiritual experiences in a temple, and I was grateful that I could prepare to listen to the voice of that same Spirit testify to me during conference.
I love the Salt Lake temple. So majestic! It's my goal to do some form of Temple Work in this temple someday.
This last picture is reminiscent of the poem "Three White Dresses," which is one of my favorites. This display was part of an exhibit in the Church History Museum, which we went to on Friday as well.

Overall, I think I can safely say that it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I've always loved Conference, but I felt the Spirit so strongly. I learned something from every talk, and I will strive to improve my life in accordance with what was taught. So many themes: adversity, home & family, Temples, faith, the Atonement. My testimony was strengthened, my faith renewed, and my hope now burns brighter.

I hope you enjoyed it too.