The Mountain of the Lord

Temples truly are the "mountain of the Lord." They are a high place, above the calamities, distractions, and sundry other mishaps that surround us in the world. Temples are a place of purity, where the most sacred work of the Lord is moved forward. 

I love to see the temple. Any temple. They are all beautiful.

I love the opportunity I have to do Baptisms for the Dead and participate in the work of providing the opportunity for covenants that bring blessings to those who have passed on.

I love the feelings of peace, clarity, and joy that I feel in the Temple.

I look forward to the day when I can enter the Temple and receive my endowments, and then be sealed for time and eternity to a worthy priesthood-holder. 

Recently, I visited these temples:

Mesa Arizona TempleSnowflake Arizona Temple

And on Friday, I'll get to visit this temple:
Jordan River Utah Temple amazing is that?

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  1. Temples are truly beautiful both inside and out. I'm glad you were able to go and do baptisms. I hope you enjoyed going to Conference and getting to see the Jordan River Temple. love you. =)


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