Girls Night Out

Last week, Kathe decided we needed a girls night before Amy left (today). So, she gathered us up and took us to eat at Cypress Pita Grill. And the best part...she had coupons for free pitas!
Actually, we were supposed to meet at six, but Kathe was running a little late...about three hours late :). It's ok though, she had good reason, and we watched a movie while we waited.
We felt bad for the owner, cuz we came about 15 minutes before close. He was really nice though (and attractive and had a slight Greek accent).
And it was muy fun. And then we went to my house and watched a movie.
That's my Gyro Pita. 'Twas tasty.
All in all a really fun night. I love you so much Kathe Crawford!

Not so pleasant memories...

I was just thinking the other day about my blog, when out of nowhere, I recalled the time when I had no idea what the heck a blog was.

It was a hot and dry Arizona day and I was a new sophomore at the legendary Mesa High School. It was sixth hour, and I was sitting in Mr. Garcia's AA Sophomore English class. It was one of the first days, and he had just explained "blogs." He said it wasn't the same as a journal (whatever) and that we would be required to do one every day (or take like two pages of notes). I didn't think much of it, paid it no heed. But oh how I grew to loathe them.

Fast forward to exactly one year later. Now a junior, the dreaded blogs had found me again. Mrs. Andelora had the same brilliant method for improving our creative writing skills. I must say, my loathing of the things grew. Usually, we were given a topic, if not it still had to be class related. I usually procrasitnated (a skill I refined in high school, practically to the level of an art). Nevertheless, I did them.

Thankfully, Mr. Olson had no such silly requirements. Don't think we got off easy though. He found numerous alternative methods of torture.

Now, a high school graduate and official survivor of AP Sr. English (let's just say that the class was nicknamed circle nine of Dante's Inferno), I am addicted to blogging. Not just doing it myself, but reading others blogs. I've discovered I either a) have no life and therefore must feed on others, b) am a very nosy person, or c) all of the above. I'm sure some of that will change once I have school to occupy my time again. In my defense however, online blogging is completely different from the torture inflicted upon me and fellow classmates in school.

Until next time,

Oh the randomness of me....

Well, the other day I looked out the window and what did I see? Um, this amazing light caused by the clouds and sunset. It was gorgeous. So I rushed for my camera and took these random pictures. I've been really interested in photography lately and have been looking at stuff on the web. Mostly, it's the camera's doing.

Guess what this is....'s a vice my dad uses for welding.

Flowers from my mom's flower bed.

And the gorgeous sky.
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My Attempts at Fitness

Well, I got a bike to take to college and I wanted to try it out. So, Sean biked over to my house and off we went! It was around 8:00 Monday morning, and it wasn't too hot, just muggy. So we rode from my house down to Harris all the way to Baseline then back to Pueblo and from there meandered our way to Seagull Book down the street from the Temple. Alas, Seagull didn't have the book I wanted, So we headed home. Then a friend from work invited us to go to Freestone Rec Center, where my exercise continued with playing an insane game of pingpong (lets just say me+aubree+same team+two balls+funky windows+both of us having excellent hand-eye coordination=much laughter and not much of the ball actually making contact with the table...) and also an intense game of wallball in a raquetball court with me and Aubree mostly just avoiding the ball (again with the lack of hand-eye coordination). After THAT, we had pizza and went swimming. I was beat the rest of the day. But it was fun.

Me and Sean. You can't tell, but my bike is purple, so together we were Mesa High colors! Go Jackrabbits! And he's Torro Alum!

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Par-tay Part Two....

Thomas and Nick got Aubree this doll in California. It's Belle and it sings, what more could Aubree want? (oh yeah! maybe a Prince to go with it?)

This is Thomas trying to be my therapist. I had a slight issue that night with someone, but no worries, it wasn't a big deal. And Thomas didn't get it out of me :D.

Explanation: Sean was about to take the picture and said exitedly to Trevor, "That's awesome!" I suspiciously glanced out of the corner of my eye right as he took the picture. Classic.

So basically it was tons of fun. Thanks to all who came! For those who didn't there was swimming, talking, laughing, homemade salsa, chips, chocolate, cake, and Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer (or whatever it's called). I know, now you're jealous. Anywho, 'twas good times.

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Birthday for the Dynamic Duo!

So last Friday Aubree and I had a combined birthday party to celebrate both of our July birthdays (my other one was like last minute, and we'd planned this one for a while). So here's some pictures that make me smile. Actually, I think I only took like two, the rest were from when various people decided to steal my camera. Thanks guys!

Kathe and Trevor!

Sean and the other Trevor :)

Chase and Daniel!

A rather unflattering shot of Aubree, Lauri, and myself.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this is the amount of pictures my computer will allow me to post at one time using Picasa. So, you get another post with more wonderfully incriminating photos.
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Three girls and a guy go to the mall.

So what happens in the above situation? Well, the below of course! I decided I needed new jeans about a week before my birthday so I called my bestest buds and we headed to that place where they take your money. Then Thomas hijacked my there ya go. Voila!
Jess was his favorite model. You should see all the pics he took of her feet in different outrageously high heels. Either that or me and Aubree were the only ones actually shopping so we were in the JC Penney dressing rooms.
Not bad Thomas, what are you...first trimester?
Be grateful he didn't try them on for reals.
Aubree. 'Nuff said.
Precious! This kid is amazing...I love talking to him. And he's going to come visit me in Flagstaff, aren't you Thomas?
So there you have it folks. A good old-fashioned trip to the mall. But did I find anything you ask? Indeed. This ol' bargain hunter found two way-cute shirts for $4 each on clearance and a pair of jeans on sale for $20 and a necklace for $6.50. Not bad at all.

Baking Bread...or getting it free

This is the free bread I got for going to a free cooking class at Shar's. Me and my mom went with some friends from work. They give bread to first-timers. As you can tell, my loaf is almost gone. We learned how to make pizza! We got to taste and it was all yummy! And this is me and mom. When they were introducing newbies, they recognized Sarah as a teenager, but when they got to me, said, "Oh you must be a married daughter!" And I was like, "Um...nope! I'm barely 18!" And to think I thought I'd have to prove my age. I wasn't quite sure how to take that though I look older than Sarah and Jess? I dunno, maybe they thought I was speaking for Becky? In any case, it was pretty funny and Becky said, "Oh, when did that happen and why didn't you tell me?" Haha, wouldn't you all like to know. I would too, for that matter...any takers?

Like Peter

So Peter Pan has been my latest craze thanks to some books I've been reading and movies I've been watching (books: Peter and the Starcatchers trilogy-thanks marc-; movies: Peter Pan, Finding Neverland, Peter Pan live action...still haven't seen all of Hook though). I decided I'm almost jealous of Peter Pan. I mean, he gets to live on a beautiful island, he can FLY, and best of all, he doesn't have to grow up. *sigh* I shouldn't read so much fantasy. But does anyone know if the original book by J.M. Barrie is any good?

The Adventures of the Cabin Dwellers

Making wishes on giant dandelions...the bigger the dandelion, the better the wish right?
I thought this looked cool...I picked a leaf and held it up to the sky:D
Oops, forgot to fix the orientation. This is Aubree's sad face after she discovered that "he loves her not."
One day it was so beautiful outside that Jess decided to take a nap in the meadow, and we all crowded onto her blanket.
This one is just before we left on Sunday...after church don't worry!

As I mentioned earlier, we all had a blast at the cabin. There were bikes, rootbeer, ice cream, the meadow, late night movies, boy stalking, and rain. Sadly, no stars...but it was so much fun!

Girls Camp

Girls camp was amazing, but I'm too lazy to blog more about it. Lets just say that it was a spiritual boost as usual and also way fun!


So this is a little "secret" that my aunt tells her little girls before they go to bed. I really like it a lot and it makes sense. As a little girl, you always dream of being a princess and wishing for the day when Prince Charming will come and sweep her off her feet. Yet in reality, each girl is a princess, a woman of royal and divine birth. And who wants a palace when you can be sealed for eternity in the Temple? So, girls, this is for you:

You are a princess,
born to be a queen,

Because your father is the King;
You are God's own daughter.
You are worth more than anything I can count.
You are never to be compared to anyone else
Because God never does compare.
He loves you, and I love you.