Whole Lotta Pictures...

And now the moment you've all been waiting for! Here's the weekend of the 31st of October through the 2nd of November. First, the YSA Halloween dance themed "Haunted Prom." And if you're wondering about my costume, I was "Batman's #1 Fan" because being Batman would've been cross-dressing.

Our loverly faces:

This was after the dance: (from L to R, Preston Tenney, Cory Cluff, and Aubree)

Ok, so the pics got out of order as I uploaded. This is me and Trevor Rasmussen messing with shadows:

Trevor and Kates on the jungle gym:

Another from the Halloween dance, this is John Dirlam (our bishop's son) aka Wolverine:

Now for a little story time. Jessica, Kathe, Thomas, and Trevor all drove up on Saturday morning to spend the day with us. We weren't sure if Jess was coming and I was SOOO excited when she woke me up that morning. Then they surprised us bringing Trevor out of the kitchen. We spent the day playing pool, playing on the playground, going to Jamba, playing games, singing and listening to guitar playing (courtesy of Thomas), and watching "Penelope." BTW, if you haven't seen Penelope I would highly recommend it. The story line is like a reverse Beauty and the Beast and it has an amazing kiss at the end. 

Then, we were looking at the stars, wishing they didn't have to leave, when they thought, "Hey, maybe we CAN stay." So all four called their parents to ask permission, which all acquired, and we all cheered.  Then we had to figure out sleeping arrangements (the boys slept in the living room of our apt and we had a sleepover at Amy and Lauri's) and Sunday clothes for all. We made a last minute Wal-Mart run to get some toiletries and food for breakfast. The next day, we made French Toast, played games, and attended the broadcasted Regional Conference together. Oh and that morning Nick Johnson, Becky Frye, Jared, and Chandler Dugger came up too! It was ca-razy and there were SOO many people in our tiny apartment. But it was crazy fun. I love my friends and miss them all so much!

Catey graciously agreed to take some group pictures of us before the Thomas-mobile left:

The lovely photog herself:

Y'know how I said we took pictures? Well, a majority of them were actually fake engagements. FAKE. I am not engaged or anywhere close. And neither is Aubree. Both of these fine gentlemen are going on missions. Trevor actually has his call to Mexico City and has gone through the Temple. I'm so proud of them both!

Oh and Catey took all the ones of me and Trev. The reason I'm upside down is because we were doing a "lift" or swing-dance move.

Now for Thomas and Aubree! Catey was kind enough to allow me to exercise my interest--OK, obsession--with photography, and let me use her camera and gave me a few pointers. (In case you're wondering, Catey is Rachel's roomie and a jr. Photography was a major she tried out, so she has a professional camera.) There are random shopping carts right behind our complex, and I couldn't resist using one.

OK, and Rachel. Doesn't she look adorable in that hat?

And my other bestest friend EV-ER. Did I mention how absolutely over-joyed I was that she was there?

Aubree...being Aubree. I love the light.

Candidity. It's a word. Love it! I think Catey took this one...

Thomas and Aubree. I love the semi-silhouette and sun-flare.

World's cutest couple:

So that was our weekend. And I don't know why the computer is making this a link. It's not. I know I'm an education major, but I really love photography and the way you can capture moments forever. So I'm thinking that when I have money again, I'm gonna get me a nice camera. And I want to take some classes, maybe a couple of workshops. Photography is an expensive hobby, but I think I could be good at it. I 'pologize for my ramblings. Have a wonderful day!


  1. haha. yea I'm so glad that you posted again. I was beginning t tink you'd never post again, I love those pictures, kinda sad I couldn't get in on those engagement photos

  2. i love the pics! i am so glad you have such wonderful friends--it makes it a LITTLE easier to have you away from me. :-) I love you!

  3. awww cute pictures!!! you really are a talented photographer! haha i love you guys! i can't wait till you all visit sometime (hint hint!!!)!

  4. Cute pictures! Aren't friends great! And cameras to capture the fun memories! I've started wondering about doing some photography classes or workshops...or maybe you could do them and then teach me! :) I love you!

  5. Hey Kylie,

    I love looking at your blog and I just wanted to say (we watched this just recently, so I made a point to look) I would love to wear the shimmery dress that Ariel came out of the ocean with myself. Nothing wrong with that (as long as it has sleeves).

    Love ya,


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