Thankful For:

The reason I have it all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Temple:
My Mom and best friend:
My hero, my Dad:
My brother, and laughter:
My sister, and best friend:
Extended family:

Friends, where would I be without them?
My education:

My computer:
The mountains:
My dogs:
Modern conveniences:
A warm bed to sleep in, and a roof over my head:
Clothes to wear:
And cars to drive:
and so, so much more.


  1. Hey beautiful!! So i really like that picture of us a graduation...can you send it to me? lots of love :)

  2. Kylie, that is a wonderful post! I think you need a better pic of me! i love you!!!

  3. Thanks! I do need a better pic. But I have over 1,000 pics on my computer, and didn't feel like searching and searching. I'll post a better one after we get our family portraits done this weekend!


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