Home Sweet Home

So I'm finally getting up pics of the ol' apartment. I know Aubree posted some, but now we've finally got everything how we like it AND it's clean. Or was. So how do four college girls spend a Friday night? Partying? Yeah right! We spent about four hours cleaning and getting ready for Kathe and Thomas's visit the next day, which I'll do a separate post about. Oh, and then we watched a movie.

First up, the bathroom...or part of it:
This is the quote Aubs referred to in her blog:
This is the lava lamp in our room that Trevor, Trent, and Megan Rasmussen gave us for our birthdays/going away:
Catey and Rachel and one wall of the apt, a spiritual one:
The movie poster wall/kitchen table/TV (and the vacuum we borrowed from our neighbors Tressa and Marian):
Aubree being domestic: Betty Crocker face, ironing placemats we'd just washed:
One wall of our bedroom: Do you like the picture collages??
Our bookshelf/my dresser top space:
Our desk with printer and pictures. You shouldn't see the drawers or what it usually looks like:
Our beds, actually made and the floor! You can actually walk to the bathroom without tripping over something! It's slightly important for our room to be clean, because if the door is open, company can totally see it:
The following are our creative methods of drying clothes we don't put in the dryer:
Jeans over the doors:
So that's our little apartment folks! Pretty dandy!