Well, I was just thinking about something completely random, so I thought I'd blog about it. I was just thinking about phraseology and phrases that are associated with different generations and decades and such. I know, kinda nerdy, but it was prompted by my various professors and instructors in their various eccentricities. For example, my geology professor is a total seventies child and uses words like, "totally man." And his vocal fluctuations are what you'd expect from one who lived in that time, sorta surfer/druggie mixed. I dunno, maybe I'm crazy. Then I thought of phrases we use, us, my generation. Some of them I mock along with my circle of friends, yet we find them creeping into our vocabulary and normal conversations. Phrases like, "for sure," "like, totally," and my personal favorite that I wouldn't ever mock: "what the random?!" This makes me wonder, "Will my children think of me as weird for the phrases of my youth? What kinds of things will they say? Do phrases go in and out of fashion like skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors?" These are my ponderings. Feel free to discuss.

Oh and here's a random picture of a statue of a horse that my dad took when he was doing a job in fountain hills. I just thought it made the post more interesting. I like pictures, and I like horses.

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