Three girls and a guy go to the mall.

So what happens in the above situation? Well, the below of course! I decided I needed new jeans about a week before my birthday so I called my bestest buds and we headed to that place where they take your money. Then Thomas hijacked my there ya go. Voila!
Jess was his favorite model. You should see all the pics he took of her feet in different outrageously high heels. Either that or me and Aubree were the only ones actually shopping so we were in the JC Penney dressing rooms.
Not bad Thomas, what are you...first trimester?
Be grateful he didn't try them on for reals.
Aubree. 'Nuff said.
Precious! This kid is amazing...I love talking to him. And he's going to come visit me in Flagstaff, aren't you Thomas?
So there you have it folks. A good old-fashioned trip to the mall. But did I find anything you ask? Indeed. This ol' bargain hunter found two way-cute shirts for $4 each on clearance and a pair of jeans on sale for $20 and a necklace for $6.50. Not bad at all.


  1. Of course I'm going to come visit you Kylie! :D I'm gonna miss you girls so much. :(


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