The Adventures of the Cabin Dwellers

Making wishes on giant dandelions...the bigger the dandelion, the better the wish right?
I thought this looked cool...I picked a leaf and held it up to the sky:D
Oops, forgot to fix the orientation. This is Aubree's sad face after she discovered that "he loves her not."
One day it was so beautiful outside that Jess decided to take a nap in the meadow, and we all crowded onto her blanket.
This one is just before we left on Sunday...after church don't worry!

As I mentioned earlier, we all had a blast at the cabin. There were bikes, rootbeer, ice cream, the meadow, late night movies, boy stalking, and rain. Sadly, no stars...but it was so much fun!

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  1. Haha, that sounded like so much fun! Hey we should hang out this weekend! Saturday!


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