Par-tay Part Two....

Thomas and Nick got Aubree this doll in California. It's Belle and it sings, what more could Aubree want? (oh yeah! maybe a Prince to go with it?)

This is Thomas trying to be my therapist. I had a slight issue that night with someone, but no worries, it wasn't a big deal. And Thomas didn't get it out of me :D.

Explanation: Sean was about to take the picture and said exitedly to Trevor, "That's awesome!" I suspiciously glanced out of the corner of my eye right as he took the picture. Classic.

So basically it was tons of fun. Thanks to all who came! For those who didn't there was swimming, talking, laughing, homemade salsa, chips, chocolate, cake, and Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer (or whatever it's called). I know, now you're jealous. Anywho, 'twas good times.

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