Not so pleasant memories...

I was just thinking the other day about my blog, when out of nowhere, I recalled the time when I had no idea what the heck a blog was.

It was a hot and dry Arizona day and I was a new sophomore at the legendary Mesa High School. It was sixth hour, and I was sitting in Mr. Garcia's AA Sophomore English class. It was one of the first days, and he had just explained "blogs." He said it wasn't the same as a journal (whatever) and that we would be required to do one every day (or take like two pages of notes). I didn't think much of it, paid it no heed. But oh how I grew to loathe them.

Fast forward to exactly one year later. Now a junior, the dreaded blogs had found me again. Mrs. Andelora had the same brilliant method for improving our creative writing skills. I must say, my loathing of the things grew. Usually, we were given a topic, if not it still had to be class related. I usually procrasitnated (a skill I refined in high school, practically to the level of an art). Nevertheless, I did them.

Thankfully, Mr. Olson had no such silly requirements. Don't think we got off easy though. He found numerous alternative methods of torture.

Now, a high school graduate and official survivor of AP Sr. English (let's just say that the class was nicknamed circle nine of Dante's Inferno), I am addicted to blogging. Not just doing it myself, but reading others blogs. I've discovered I either a) have no life and therefore must feed on others, b) am a very nosy person, or c) all of the above. I'm sure some of that will change once I have school to occupy my time again. In my defense however, online blogging is completely different from the torture inflicted upon me and fellow classmates in school.

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  1. ugh. just THINKING about those blogs makes me shudder!!


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