My Attempts at Fitness

Well, I got a bike to take to college and I wanted to try it out. So, Sean biked over to my house and off we went! It was around 8:00 Monday morning, and it wasn't too hot, just muggy. So we rode from my house down to Harris all the way to Baseline then back to Pueblo and from there meandered our way to Seagull Book down the street from the Temple. Alas, Seagull didn't have the book I wanted, So we headed home. Then a friend from work invited us to go to Freestone Rec Center, where my exercise continued with playing an insane game of pingpong (lets just say me+aubree+same team+two balls+funky windows+both of us having excellent hand-eye coordination=much laughter and not much of the ball actually making contact with the table...) and also an intense game of wallball in a raquetball court with me and Aubree mostly just avoiding the ball (again with the lack of hand-eye coordination). After THAT, we had pizza and went swimming. I was beat the rest of the day. But it was fun.

Me and Sean. You can't tell, but my bike is purple, so together we were Mesa High colors! Go Jackrabbits! And he's Torro Alum!

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