Girls Night Out

Last week, Kathe decided we needed a girls night before Amy left (today). So, she gathered us up and took us to eat at Cypress Pita Grill. And the best part...she had coupons for free pitas!
Actually, we were supposed to meet at six, but Kathe was running a little late...about three hours late :). It's ok though, she had good reason, and we watched a movie while we waited.
We felt bad for the owner, cuz we came about 15 minutes before close. He was really nice though (and attractive and had a slight Greek accent).
And it was muy fun. And then we went to my house and watched a movie.
That's my Gyro Pita. 'Twas tasty.
All in all a really fun night. I love you so much Kathe Crawford!

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  1. woot woot, that sounds like fun, I get to go camping!


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