Baking Bread...or getting it free

This is the free bread I got for going to a free cooking class at Shar's. Me and my mom went with some friends from work. They give bread to first-timers. As you can tell, my loaf is almost gone. We learned how to make pizza! We got to taste and it was all yummy! And this is me and mom. When they were introducing newbies, they recognized Sarah as a teenager, but when they got to me, said, "Oh you must be a married daughter!" And I was like, "Um...nope! I'm barely 18!" And to think I thought I'd have to prove my age. I wasn't quite sure how to take that though I look older than Sarah and Jess? I dunno, maybe they thought I was speaking for Becky? In any case, it was pretty funny and Becky said, "Oh, when did that happen and why didn't you tell me?" Haha, wouldn't you all like to know. I would too, for that matter...any takers?

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  1. taker's for marraige! sure! I'll though I may have to fight matt in a death match but that could be exciting!


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