"Wanting Memories"

This picture is one of my favorites...sorry Aubree if you don't like it. Tough. But it reminds me of one of my favorite songs called "Wanting Memories" which is really applicable to my life right now. One line says, "I think on the things that made me laugh, made me dance, made me sing. I think on the things that made me grow into a being full of pride. I think on these things, for they are true." The more things change around me, the harder I try to grasp at the past and the fading memories of happier, simpler, times. Then I realize that I don't have to forget them, but I do have to grow and learn. Those memories are part of who I am, and remembering helps to make it easier.
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  1. i love this picture too :D its so cute! you both look so happy. . .and who doesnt enjoy anything that hasta do w/ swinging :)

  2. oh thats precious absolutly prescious! I miss you already Kylie, and your not even gone to school yet. Oh well, I hope we can hang out sometime, call me!


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